Stop The State Water Grab Rally


Short Video Highlights of the Rally at the Capitol in Sacramento

Protesting the Water Board’s Plan to Steal up to 60% of Our Valley’s Water. What Severe Negative Impacts will that have? WATCH LOCAL LEADERS BOTH REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS COME TOGETHER FIGHTING FOR OUR VALLEY. Like This Page and Join Our Fight. #FightTheWaterGrab #JoinTheWaterGrabFight

Merced Mayor Mike Murphy

How the water grab will impact our drinking water and food production.

Congressman Jim Costa

Speaking Out Against The Water Grab at the Rally in Sacramento

Merced County Supervisor, Daron McDaniel

at The Water Rally in Sacramento to #FightTheWaterGrab

Atwater City Council Member Brian Raymond

at the Rally: “… it’s our water which feeds not only the Central Valley and the Nation but it feeds the World.”

Madera County Supervisor Rob Poythress

at the Rally: “The proposed action by the Water Board affects everybody. A negative impact on our Ag economy has a domino effect which can actually devastate entire communities.”

Scott Kuykendall, Assistant Superintendent

at the Stanislaus County Office of Education on how the Water Grab’s Regulatory Drought will have a serious negative impact on our schools and having clean, safe water for our children to drink.

Modesto City Council member Mani Grewal

on coming together for the biggest fight for our region in the last 50 years. “This doesn’t just end with the Water Board’s decision it’s going to continue on… we will Fight till the end.” #FightTheWaterGrab

Congressman Jeff Denham

“This is a State Water Grab like we have never seen before! We have paid as a community through our water rates, through our electricity rates — we have paid for that infrastructure. And we are not going to let them take it away from us!”#FightTheWaterGrab

State Senator Anthony Cannella

“This is probably the biggest thing we ever fought as a Valley. if you look at the Water Board and what they are trying to do we are looking upwards of 250,000 acres of fallowed Ag ground. All the legislators, Republican and Democrat who represent these areas are going to fight hand and hand to stop this. If they Vote to take Our Water it doesn’t end there. We will be in court a 100 years Fighting this.” #FightTheWaterGrab#StopTheRegulatoryDrought

Assemblymember Anna M. Caballero

“This bounty is threatened with these Water Board restrictions. Our Food Supply is Threatened, Our Farms are Threatened, Our Economy is Threatened, Our Workforce is Threatened! Water is our lifeblood. We cannot just stand-by and do nothing.”

Stanislaus County Supervisor Kristin Olsen

“We are standing in Unity to tell the State DON’T STEAL OUR WATER! Republicans and Democrats, Environmentalists and Farmers, Cities and Counties, Young and Old we are here in Unity to say Don’t Devastate our Economy, Our Environment, Our Rivers. DON’T STEAL OUR WATER!”

Turlock Mayor Gary Soiseth

“We worked hard with the Turlock Irrigation District to get 9 billion gallons of water per year for 50 years for Drinking Water. If the State Water Resources Control Board takes away that water then there goes our economy, there goes our jobs and there goes our livlihood in the Central Valley”