Watch this video and find out why Assembly member Adam Gray says "This is Crazy!"

Even the California Department of Water Resources thinks that the Water Board's flows proposal is flawed and uses outdated scientific research. Watch the DWR challenge the Water Board's plan here!

Is "Salmon" really a Red Herring?

Educators warn of future problems If State Water Board proposal is adopted!

A supermarket shopper has a big surprise... because there's Something Fishy Going on here!

Do you know the number? How many additional salmon will the Water Board's Plan produce by increasing our Valley's river flows by 40%? When Supervisor Chiesa asked what the number of increased salmon would be, the Water Board would not directly answer his question. WATCH TO FIND THE ANSWER WHICH MAY SURPRISE YOU.

Assemblyman Adam Gray says, "The current Water Board Proposal is unacceptable"

"The Water Board's Proposal, if implemented as is,will be a Death Sentence for our Economy" - Larry Morse, Merced County District Attorney