Water Board Declares Water War on Our Valley

The State Water Board wants to take more water from our rivers. The revised Substitute Environmental Document for the Bay-Delta Plan update.

“The new recommendation by the State Water Board to require 40% unimpaired flows on the Tuolumne, Merced, and Stanislaus rivers amounts to an economic death sentence.
Since the update to the Bay-Delta Plan began, the State Water Board has spent millions of dollars on staff and consultants rewriting the report.
After all this time and expense, and during one of the worst droughts in California’s history, it appears that the Water Board’s only significant change was to demand even more water. It is a report which does not reflect the realities of the world we live in and could only be written by a government agency operating behind closed doors which has turned a deaf ear to the communities which will ultimately pay the highest price. This callous disregard is unprecedented in California history. To this day, the State Water Board has not responded to the concerns raised by our local schools, businesses, and local governments.
In their report, the State Water Board expresses hope for settlement discussions.

We must act now to stop the Water Board’s plan which will:

  • Make more of our wells run dry
  • Hurt our economy
  • Contaminate our drinking water
  • Drop our property values
  • Destroy our farmland
  • They will take our water and we will pay the price
  • It will destroy any chance for our area to achieve groundwater sustainability